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  • Will the information in the PDF guide get me a trial?
    It depends on the information you provide in your email, if you have a nicely written email, and if you have a quality CV and highlight videos. If you have all of these, there's a strong chance you might get a response from a coach at the club you contact. It is then up to the coach or head of recruitment to arrange details regarding a trial if they feel you are good enough. If you do not know what to write in your email, we recommend purchasing the Email Template. It is the exact email players use to make connections with professional football clubs, then just fill in the blanks. The PDF guide will give you an understanding of who at each club to contact and how to contact them based on our team's experience being in a professional clubs.
  • I am not from the UK, will this still work?"
    Yes! You can use the information in our PDF guide, Email Template, or Football CV from anywhere around the world. The PDF guide is about helping you reach out and seeing what sort of responses you would get as well as trying to get your foot in the door of a professional club, as that is how we did it. However, you must be aware that the majority of clubs in the UK will not be able to sign you without having a UK or EU passport. You do not need to worry about these issues at this stage, as you are only reaching out and creating a connection and building a relationship.
  • How did you learn this information?
    Having had experience in a professional club, our team has seen how they operate behind the scenes. We know who speaks to who and who each member of staff reports to. Every professional club has the same structure and operates the same way in terms of how different departments communicate with each other. Management staff have great relationships with the staff in the office and you will find that everyone speaks to everyone, from the club tea lady to the first team manager.
  • Is it worth the money?
    It depends how badly you want to learn how to make connections with professional football clubs. Have a look at the reviews on our page and please feel free to reach out to those people and ask them what they thought of our PDF guide and the other tools we offer. We have personally used every bit of information in our PDF to get responses from some of the best professional football clubs in the country which you can see on our "Results" page.
  • Why can't I just find this information on the club's website?
    You will find the only contact information a professional football club will provide on their website is "" or "". They receive hundreds of emails a day from players like you who are desperate to get a trial. By avoiding the general email inboxes of clubs and contacting a coach directly using our strategies and email formats, you will have a higher chance of getting a response. Not many players will do the research or use the proper networking skills to find direct contact information, which is what we teach you in our PDF guide.
  • How do I know which club to contact?
    The chances of getting a reponse from a top Premier League Club is very low. They will never post their contact details on their website and all of their email addresses are different for each memeber of staff in the club. Once you have the proper networking strategies I recommend reaching out to lower league clubs in the Championship, League 1 and League 2 as they will recieve less interest from players from around the country and the world. If you can get a response from a coach in one of these clubs and can then earn a trial, you can then focus on working your way up the leagues.
  • What is an official club email address format?
    Every professional football club employee will have a work email address which they will use and have access to, this will be provided by the club and is different from their personal email address. You will find that the only email addresses listed on club's websites are along the lines of "" or "". Using the PDF guide's networking strategies, you will have access to the tools and techniques to find the official club email format of any club, so you can then substitute a contact's name in it and directly reach out to them instead of going through the general email inboxes of clubs.
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